Gunnison, CO Implements MyGov Permit, Credential Manager, GIS and Request Manager Modules

Posted by Hannah - 12 March, 2020

Situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Gunnison, Colorado, is a picturesque small town of 6,530 residents. With breathtaking surroundings and a prospering community environment, the City of Gunnison is a thriving small town in Colorado.

With the population size of Colorado increasing steadily, the City of Gunnison was looking for a way to move from their paper process to an online permitting, contractor registration, GIS and citizen engagement approach. Caree Musick, Planning Technician for the city, shared, “Before MyGov we had paper permit applications, and then input the permits into a Microsoft Access database. It was labor intensive, and keeping paper copies of plans took up a lot of space,” which was causing the team to do extra tasks that could have been automated.

Being a smaller agency, the City of Gunnison needed a software that fit not only their performance requirements but their budget constraints. When asked why the team at Gunnison chose MyGov, Musick stated, “MyGov had the features that we wanted and was affordable for our agency, which is fairly small. We looked at other software, but if they were affordable, they were light on features. If they had the features that we desired, they were prohibitively expensive.” Here at MyGov we believe that smaller agencies shouldn’t have to compromise on functionality when their budget is tighter. With a software system that can adapt to fit your agency’s needs, MyGov has a complete ecosystem of solutions to adapt to an agency’s situation.

Because the City of Gunnison is implementing the MyGov Permit, Credential Manager, GIS and Request Manager modules, the agency will get access to key features to include:

  • Online Payments
  • Fields and Fees Manager
  • Workflow Manager
  • Mobile Inspections
  • Collaborator Portal
  • Report Generator
  • Alerts and Notices
  • Checklists
  • Online Submittal
  • Renewals
  • Checklists
  • Create Layers
  • Locate Assets
  • Activity Mapping
  • Data Visualization
  • Auto Update
  • Knowledge Manager

When asked what features the agency at Gunnison enjoys the most, Musick said, “We like that all our permits from 2020 forward will be in an electronic format and that contractors or other collaborators can apply for a permit any time of the day,” which gives the city an increased capacity for meeting customer service needs.

Moving forward, Gunnison, CO, is working hard to ensure community members are taken care of and agency employees have the resources to succeed. When asked what success would look like within the agency, Musick stated, “Success would be the majority of our customers applying for permits online, having usable reports of the permits and electronic archiving of projects.” And, with the functionality Gunnison now has to automate systems, collect data, control processes, connect people, enforce regulations and analyze data, they are on their way to achieving their goals.

If you would like to learn more about how your city can gain the same level of success as the City of Gunnison, contact our MyGov Sales Team today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to connecting with you and understanding how MyGov software can help you Build Better Communities.

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